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Therapy in the age of Zoom

Welcome to our new world of tele-therapy via Zoom and Google Meetups. Who would have believed a pediatric speech therapist would be doing therapy over the computer? However daunting this task was at first, we have adapted and found ways to make tele-therapy sessions useful and fun. As it looks now, tele-therapy is going to be the primary way we in NYC will be servicing our pediatric clients. Whether we are using our ipads, computers or phones we are able to connect with our clients and incorporate our therapy goals into web-based content. We are also doing therapy with materials in and around the house such as scavenger hunts and hands on projects for kids who enjoy and benefit from this type of approach. If you are nervous about trying tele-therapy you are not alone. We were also nervous about how well we would make personal connections, maintain adequate attention to the task and determine what content would click with each student. However, once you get the hang of tele-therapy, it is very useful and efficient. The kids enjoy it and the parents are much more connected to the therapy due to their proximity during the sessions. It has proven to be efficacious and fun. Give it a try!

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