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About Me

Felicia started her journey as a student of speech language pathology in the Ocean State (RI), where she grew up.  Her professional days started in a public school in a CT with a small caseload of elementary aged children on the autism spectrum.  She gained valuable experience and training in the principles of ABA while working at this school. From there, she worked at a specialized and highly regarded private practice where she provided school and parent consultation, speech and language evaluations and therapy to children of all ages.  Felicia is Level 1 trained in PROMPT -a method for treating speech apraxia.  She has been trained in teaching Social Cognitive Language skills made most famous by Michelle Garcia Winner's approach.  She has also received training in RDI ( Relationship Development Intervention) as a method for teaching children with autism how to better interact and form relationships.  As a clinician, Felicia strongly believes in the connection between parents and the therapy process.  She thrives in her ability to coach and consult with parents and caregivers.  She provides specific feedback to the family to ensure that therapy continues beyond her sessions. 

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Our Story

Growing Together simply aims to connect parents with caring and trusted speech and language therapists who will listen to your concerns and provide ideas, professional insights and kid- friendly ways to get your loved ones talking more.  We want to get to know them, find out what makes them tick and link that to their speech and language needs.  Marry those two concepts and we're "Off to the Races".  Before you know it we’re listening, talking, sharing, conversing, reading, writing and connecting more and more to friends and family.  Family members can be as involved as they would like in the therapy process.  In general, we love to share what we're doing, why we're doing it and what can be done to carry over our work in your home.   

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