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Lets talk about Thanksgiving

Updated: Sep 11, 2023

In therapy, I like to involve my clients in process of preparing parts of the Thanksgiving dinner. Here is one way to incorporate your child's language skills into your Thanksgiving holiday this year.

Talk about transformation...: For kids who need to work on explaining things with accurate word choices and explain in a step by step manner-mashed potatoes is a gr

eat and fun activity to do for this skill set. Slow down the process and highlight each step of the potato transformation during a mashed potato recipe. Talk about how they feel before you boil them, talk about how they changed after you boiled them, discuss ways to mash and experiment with different tools for mashing, talk about which tool was the best and why. and don't forget to tell someone the steps you took to make them before eating. . It helps to take a picture of each step (choose 3-4 steps) to support them when they explain the procedure to someone else.

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