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Growing Together Speech and Language Therapy

Evaluations and Therapy for children and young adults.


Felicia started her journey as a student of speech language pathology in the Ocean State (RI), where she grew up. 


Connect to Community

A class to build skills and confidence in the home and community.  Open to all ages and levels.

What you will learn

How to cook, clean, organize, shop and interact in the home and community.

How to be a more confident speaker and communicator.

How to socially connect with neighbors and community members.

Cost and Location

We are located in Stuyvesant Town, NYC

Projects will take place indoors and outdoors; depending on the project and the interests of the group. 

 Group of 1:       $180/hour

 Group of 2-3:    $150/hour

Project Based Learning

We break down a large project and work cohesively from start to finish over the course of a few weeks.

Each week we complete a few steps of the project. 

What we do:

  • Read Recipes

  • Meal Plan

  • Shop

  • Cook

  • Package

  • Transport food and or materials

  • Poll Interests of the group

  • Manage Money-Budgeting

  • Problem Solve

  • Collaborate with others

  • Talk to community members


Our Services


Gradient Background
​Felicia is a natural: she builds a strong emotional and playful connection with the child, so that working on speech impediments turns out to be a fun activity. She meticulously tackles the issues, and is committed to seeing them through. My kids looked forward to going every week and missed Felicia and speech therapy when the process ended...
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